The "Naked" ZERO-Autoformers
The price of the "Naked" ZERO-Autoformers is $540/pair.

The ZERO-Autoformers can be connected to your existing speaker cables for longer runs. Use a set of binding posts to connect together your existing speaker cables to the colored pair of ZEROs leads for the desired speaker impedance multiplying factor.

2x = YELLOW (+) BLUE (-)

3x = YELLOW (+) BROWN (-)

4x = GRAY (+) BROWN (-)

Notice that the music signal is not passing through the binding posts. Their quality is not critical since they are only being used to tightly hold together your speaker cables to the ZERO-Autoformer leads.

Suggested Binding Post Sources:

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 The "Naked" ZERO-Autoformers have 18 inch (46cm) leads of 12 gauge copper wire, along with spade terminals attached on each lead. For those with mono block amplifiers, the 36 inch (92cm) total span should be long enough to connect directly between the amp and speaker. For those who need longer wires, utilize existing speaker cables connected to the ZERO-Autoformers with a set of binding posts as shown at the bottom of this page.  
zerohead_r2_c1.gif zerohead_r2_c2.gif zerohead_r2_c3.gif zerohead_r2_c4.gif zerohead_r2_c5.gif zerohead_r2_c6.gif