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The ZERO-Box is shown in a photo on page 43 of issue 141 April / May 2003

Audio Asylum review by Mark Bratton

Dick Olsher's review in Enjoy the Music (excerpts)
....The ZERO operates right in the middle of the amp-loudspeaker interface allowing greater flexibility in fine-tuning this critical boundary between electrical and acoustical domains. One immediate benefit is control over the loudspeaker's current demand.... ....In an age dominated by high-power transistorized designs, "short-circuit' loudspeaker loads may be no problem, but for us guys enchanted by the siren call of OTL and SET, such loads are most definitely problematic... ....Assuming you already own an average audiophile loudspeaker with the ubiquitous 4 to 8-ohm nominal rating, the ZERO offers a chance of sonic redemption... ....Ramping up the loudspeaker impedance to 16 ohms with the ZERO is a no-brainer in these cases (referring to OTL amps), as it increases power delivery and reduces distortion.... ....An 8-ohm rating could mean 4 ohms - or even 2 ohms - in the lower midrange. Playing strictly by the numbers is no guarantee of success. Let the ZERO help... ....From T-Rex's (amplifier) perspective, the ZERO made the BassZilla (speaker) "feel like" a 16-ohm load, the result being better control over resonances in the upper midrange. Harmonic textures became smoother and richer; the overall sound being very relaxed and eminently listenable. Finally, bass lines were more tightly defined... ....The ZERO, in my opinion, represents an important new product category that allows music lovers to actively modify and control the amplifier-loudspeaker interface... ....Even some so-called 8-ohm loudspeakers present significantly lower impedance in the lower midrange and in the vicinity of complex crossover networks. The ZERO is available direct at reasonable cost and comes with a 30-day trial period."

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